Little Updates

There has been a few updates here and there to the site. I’ve been playing with my link section to see how I want to organize it and make sure I add all my cosplay friends. I’m also trying to figure out how to link all my other nerdy sites that I find useful for cosplay. Sites that have SH screens of the models of all the characters and such.

I’ve also added a few pictures to my projects section of NeoFio. She’s turning out so cute and I am totally gonna have her done for ACen. I’m also working on my costume for the fashion show, but I am more excited that I will be doing the Make-Up for some of the models! Its been FOREVER since I have done glam make-up! I’m gonna do some play testing and post some pictures up when I have the chance.

I’ve also added all the videos that I have found connected to my costumes and updated my Cosplay Videos playlist in the media section. If you haven’t seen the video of Daguru and I getting into Siam at Ohayocon, you should check it out in the Siam section.

I’ve also been updating some other things like the side bar. I added twitter, which I don’t update that often, so that if I am at a convention, like say GenCon, and someone is at the convention and looks up the site, they can know I’m partying at The Ram and come say Hi if they want. Its also good for quick stuff; if I can’t get online to say I won an award or something. I also added a sister site section for Alessa & Creative Guy ( but I plan on putting up other people of cosplay importance there as I meet more cosplayers.

Still to come. A make-up tutorial section (and other tutorials) and a geek-out section for my Gaming Convention friends and my boyfriend who will in a few weeks be in a podcast interview with some of DnDs biggest authors. More to come on that!


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