Mommy Fortuna Added & Mask Tutorial

MaskMommy Fortuna has been added to my costume gallery. I hope you enjoy her and she brings back happy memories of the past as much as I enjoyed making her. Check her out here.

I’ve also added a new tutorial section and in this section added a little tutorial of how I made the Mommy Fortuna mask for anyone interested in making a mask themselves. You can see that here. You can access the tutorial section at any time from the navigation bar on the right hand side of the website!

Soon to come is a full review of ACen. And a few more costumes and costume pictures!


2 responses to “Mommy Fortuna Added & Mask Tutorial

  1. I still love your stump hat best. ( I think I recognize those hands, too. XD )

  2. There’s an extremely good chance that I’m going to be cast as a young Mommy Fortuna at my state’s Renaissance Faire (I’m a street performer actress), so I’m looking at you as inspiration with the character! :)

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