I didn’t get as much posted to the site before Otakon as I wanted, but I did get quite a bit done. I updated the Media section with some art an artist on DA did of Boomer and I’s Sheila and Presto costumes. I also updated the About Me section, making it more personalized and easier to read; also adding some fanlistings. I also posted the Demon Nurse tutorial and added Neofio to my Costumes page. I still have a few costumes to add, but I’ll wait till I get back to add them so I’m not rushing the descriptions and such.

Rule of Rose Group for Otakon

OMG! Otakon! I’ve been stressing about it for a while because I thought I had finished my Pris costume only to find that it fit me kind of weird and then realizing the stupid sewing mistakes I made (everyone does them); Unless I can fix the costume before heading to Chicago tomorrow morning, chances are I won’t be taking it. *Sad Panda* However, my Diana costume is coming out AWESOME! At first I wasn’t happy with how the fabric was looking, but as I get closer and closer to finishing the more and more I like how it looks. I’ll post a progress shot in my Projects Section when I get the bottom half attached to the top.

I am head-over-heels excited for my Rule of Rose group for Otakon. We’ve got a few photo shoots that are gonna take place and I’ve gotten together quite a few props for us to play with. Plus! I really wanna bring my camera and get some video footage of us in sepia and add the Love’s Suicide song to it just for giggles. My group consists of the awesome Leesers (Jennifer; Girl in the Middle), Straywind (Eleanor; Girl on the Left) and myself (Diana; Girl on the right). In the future we’re gonna try to grab other people for the group, perhaps for Ohayocon (if Straywind can make it). I’m very excited to cosplay this game with these girls because we’ve become pretty close through the Silent Hill cosplay community and all three of us REALLY loved the story behind Rule of Rose (WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?!)

I’ll also be running around with Dag (Brian) as Lady Gaga and the Daft Punk guy. Except some obviously white folks dancing at the rave and probably having drinking games in the bar, followed by acting extremely goofy and passing out. I’m guessing this all will go down on Saturday evening after all our Silent Hill activities. I’ll try to bring back some VLog-age since I haven’t Vloged in a while.


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