Otakon 09

CherylDrawingMichealWhat a convention! In comparison to other convention I have gone to, this had to be the biggest Anime one. GenCon is still a bit bigger and covers a wider area, but I could see Otakon catching up in size as the years progress (if the economy doesn’t nose dive to much).

It was a busy con for me and with this shoot and that friend needing a handler, I really don’t know where the time went. The heat made me tired and sick and I got to half do alot of stuff. If I were to go back in the future I would definitely need to plan it out more so that I can make sure I get to do things in a much more organized fashion.

I spent most of the convention with my good friend Brian (Daguru) running from photo shoot to photo shoot, then eventually the rave. I also got to sell wigs for http://kingdom-arts.org. (OMG! Awesome, well priced quality wigs! For Serious!) I almost forgot how fun it can be to sell at a booth. I’m super pumped for GenCon now! I also had a WONDERFUL time with the Rule of Rose cosplayers in our photoshoots and I also had fun meeting some of Dag’s friends to go to the Rave with. Even though it was a bit stressful this time, next time I know exactly how I would do it; which is what normally happens to me when I go to a big con.

Vlog Time! Its my first time editing together Blog Footage, so its kinda bland. But I have ideas for THE FUTURE!


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