Pre-GenCon 09


In just a few days I’ll be in Indy for GenCon 09! My favorite event of the year (minus Halloween), and its just a few short days away!

Just an update as to what is going down with me and the crew. I’ll be working at Booth #313. Come see me! I’ll be promoting Cthulhu Live, TerrorWerks (with the possibility of acting in a few games), and a varity of other fun Skirmisher Products! I have a Larp Thursday and Saturday Night, I believe both are around 8 pm. Saturday I’m gaming with my friends the Agresta Brothers in the evening until the wee hours. Saturday morning/after noon I will be in the costume contest. It starts at 4pm with a parade through the con before hand. I’ll be participating with my Lady of Pain costume.

Slowly the Lady is coming together. I’m down to the fine tuned details now. I’m an so overly excited to be bringing this costume to GenCon; its been a dream costume for me to make and take to GenCon for as long as I’ve been going. So here’s hoping it all comes out like roses!

P.S. Watch my Twitter. I may ask for some drinking buddies for me and Tordek.


One response to “Pre-GenCon 09

  1. Hi Avianna! I met you and took your picture at Gencon this year — I’m the guy with the bunny. :) I’ve put all the bunny’s pics up on my Flickr site — Thanks!

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