GenCon 09

Lady of Pain wins 2nd for Historical/Fantasy at GenCon 09

Gencon this year was so overly busy my head just about exploded! Between booth promoting from about 10:30 to 6 every day, trying to squeeze in gaming and hanging out with Werecabbages, PST Family, Skirmisher People and Cosplay Kids, there’s not alot of time for sleep. Not much at all.

I did however, not manage to get the entire set of Con-itius, just exhaustion and a bit of dehydration. Gencon, it gets me every year!

Cool news: The Booth enjoyed the School Girl Fig I painted them. They want me to paint more figs for their catalog. Skirmisher went Pathfinder. The Pathfinder Book Boomer wrote for (Pathfinder Campaign Setting) won the gold; thus he’s getting a tattoo of the Symbol of Nidal (a country he created in the book). I WON 2nd Place in the Fantasy/Historical catagory my first time entering the Costume Contest. TerrorWerks did an awesome job with filling up the groups and with reviews from players. Will Thrasher had his awesome Cthulhu Live game entered into the Ennies for next year. I got a Dark Maiden fig from Reaper; that will be fun to paint. Got to hang out with Rone at Atomic Array. And Drank and hung out with Boomer and Sam (Tordek) throughout the convention.

It was a wonderful convention overall. Next year I will plan it out better so that I can hang out more (*Sad Face* I didn’t get to hang out with the wonderful 40k cosplayers I met!)

On another note, I put up my New Demon Nurse Gallery and Diana from Rule of Rose Gallery so that I can be caught up before school starts. Enjoy!


2 responses to “GenCon 09

  1. Your costume work is outstanding. It shows that you have put a lot of time into what you do, especially factoring in that you were doing other things for Gencon at the same time.

  2. Always impressed by your word, thanks for the glimpse into your world and your craft room

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