YoumaCon 2009

Oh my goodness, what a fall this has been. My schooling has been so chaotic its hard to update directly after a con because I have to get so caught up after missing one or two days! Its ridiculous! But ‘busy’ already is pretty much my middle name!

Youmacon went great. I got to debut quite a few costumes. Including my Rosemary costume from SaGa Frontier; which I had a lovely brother and group for! Oh the SaGa love! I also brought my Julian Moore costume (gallery up shortly) and a new Lady Gaga (gallery up shortly). I didn’t get many pictures of the latter two, thus the reason I don’t have galleries for them yet. I also grabbed my ‘Gijinka’ Robbie costume to hang out with my friend Miri, who also made a Bunny Boy costume to go along with mine. Fun was had by all!

I got to see a ton of awesome friends I don’t get to see very often and I got to meet quite a few new friends; some of which I have a feeling are gonna be some awesome cosplay friendships. Our hotel room was the best thing ever and I also worked for Kingdom Arts. Working for The Arts ended up paying for my trip, and not only that, brought me much closer to some of the coolest cosplay ladies in the world! You know who you are!

Totally going back next year!


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