Ohayocon 2010 and More

It’s been a crazy last few months! I’ve done photo shoots for costumes, make-up for photo shoots and gone  to Ohayocon. Its been crazy! So let’s see if I can sum it up into words.

I got pictures of my Lady Gaga costume and they’ve been up for a while. I sent them off to be put in a fan book that Lady Gaga received and there is a chance I could be published in a fan book in the future.

I also finished the Youmacon Vlog I did and it can be seen here. Seems like forever ago that I went to this con. I really loved it and I love spending time with all the wonderful people that went there.

I didn’t do a vlog for Ohayocon cause I wanted it to be a vacation. I did alot of shoots with costumes I already had and only debuted one new costume. Dahlia Gillespie. It was a majorly fun costume, as you can see here. Got a ton of photos done in it with a whole bunch of awesome Silent Hill cosplayers.

We went through some trials to get my new head banner, but I have to say its pretty epic. I really enjoyed our new Rule of Rose group and shoot. (More Diana Photos Here!) Its fun to get so into a game you really love with people who are equally as cool. I also got a few new pictures with EBK of my Rosemary costume, but I’m still editing them. I wore Miri’s Jessica costume and I had my friend Livid Doll wear my Demon Nurse costume. Overall, I think the con ended up being the vacation I needed.

We didn’t do the skit I had been working on, which was a let down for me. But it still in planning for doing in the future. Since we didn’t do it, I had time to just hang out and be with friends. Which was a better time then the stress that can happen with a skit.

Coming up I hope to have some more pictures of a DEATHLY Valentine’s Day shoot I did. It was a boudoir shoot, so some of the pictures may be a bit risque, but the make-up I did for it I am soooo happy with.

Anyway, spend Sunday with the ones you love. Even if they aren’t your lovers. And have a happy Snowy February.


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