Theatre and Sales!

Wondering why nothings been going on here in a while. Fear not! I’ve been hard at work putting together my first theatre show. For the last month and a half I have been hard at work on Harold Pinter’s One for the Road. In short its a political play written by Pinter in response to two turkish women being okay with their government torturing people for what the women can only say is “probably a good reason.” Pinter found this topic to be one important for people to really think about thus he wrote this play as a response to this idea.

Along with directing this play I also did the costumes for it. Sketches of this costumes will be found on my Deviant Art account after the show has premiered.

Also, because I will be moving this summer into a new home, I’m in need of a little extra cash to spruce the place up. In order to make a little extra cash I have put up a commissions page for Silent Hill Nurse Costumes at’s Marketplace. The ad can be found here.

The costumes will be made with high quality cotton/poly fibers and will come with a dress and a hat. There is also the added option of myself putting the entire costume together for you, wig and all, however the price will vary for this depending on shoes and what other accessories you would like with the outfit. (accurate gloves, wig, extra) You get your high quality and accurate Silent Hill Nurse costume today!

In other news, I’ve been working really hard on my Lucca costume. Once my show is up and running I will start working on the harder parts of the costume and I will probably put some progress shots up on I’m also almost done with my Honeybee Inn costume and I have started modifying the fabric for my newest costume added to my line up: Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon. I’m really excited about my Astrid costume because as it turns out, I had all the fabric I needed for the costume already in my house!

See ya at ACen!


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