ACen on Hold

I have soooo much to report about my wonderful times at ACen! I have 40+ minutes of video footage AND I’m still waiting on getting all my photo shoots back.

This has all taken a back seat right now because I am in the process of moving to a new house, being a groomsmen in a wedding and taking my little sister out to Vegas for her 21st birthday. Once all this is said and done, I gotta finish some commissions and then I will give you all the down low on what went on at ACen.

I do want state one thing before going back to packing and unpacking;

Thank you so much for all your wonderful words at ACen.

I tried really hard this year to branch out and talk to a bunch of new cosplayers and I had such positive feedback from alot of you on my work. I am really appreciative of the people who take some time out of their busy con schedule to say they like my work. I seriously almost cried twice at this con because of people just being so kind. I sew and make all my costumes for myself, sure, but people who compliment my costumes and say I inspired them… that’s the reason I keep going to cons. And I just wanted to thank every one of you for making me feel so welcome in the community. I hope I get a chance to cosplay with all of you one day.


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