ACen Friday & AX Projects

I finished the first day of Vlogs for YouTube. Warning, there is some language in here. NSFW

Most of the Vlog is me being overly giddy since by the end of Friday night I had been up for 40+ hours because of finals, commissions, the drive up and the con. But overall it was the day I took the most video I think. It includes, but is not limited to: Baccano Bathroom Tours, Chrono Trigger behind the Deathcom Shoot and Gorillaz telling stories about short-shorts.

This is the possible line-up for Anime Expo costumes. I have, since ACen, got a hat for Firo and I plan on adding a bit more details to my Murdoc Costume. Pris is leading the polls on DA as the favored costume to see at AX. Recently I kinda fell for Hetalia a bit. Its quite funny. So I decided I would make a Holy Roman Empire costume to go with Harl’s Chibitalia costume. However, that costume is on the back burner until I get Pris done.

I’m be working for at AX! Come visit our booth. We have a contest going on for free Arda-Wig Gift Certificates!


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