Final Stuff for AX & ACen Saturday

I’ve already arrived at Harl’s house and have spent the last few days counting and drooling over all her wigs she just got in stock and building a HUGE DISPLAY out of pipe for her wig heads. Its been a fun time. We’ve cooked alot of good meals and I’ve had a great time taste testing all the English booze and food she brought back from England!

This is gonna end up being my line up for Anime Expo:
Murdoc Thursday, Firo Friday, Lucca Saturday with Pris making nightly appearances and possibly a Sunday appearance.

I’ve been accepted as an entrance into Cosplay.Com’s Hallway Costume Contest. I entered my Lucca costume since its one of the newest ones I’ve worked really hard on. So wish me luck! I just finished Pris about 2 minutes ago and I’m excited to premier her as well. Thank you everyone for voting on DA for your costume of choice. Look forward to more polls in the future so that you can play Barbie with me.

And here’s a VLog of Saturday at ACen. It includes some Dealer’s Room Antics, Crazy Masquerade Surprises and a back stage view of the costume contest with my friends Argento and Meesh.


2 responses to “Final Stuff for AX & ACen Saturday

  1. Yay,Mudz on Thursday for AX! I’d really love to find you that day so I can get a picture.Will you be at the Arda booth that day,or wandering around?

    • aviannacosplay

      Sorry, I was mid-travels with no internet when you commented on this post so I missed it!

      I fully intended on wearing Murdoc on Thursday and was half in make-up when I went into the dealers room to finish our booth. However the set up took to long and I ended up taking all the make-up off since I wouldn’t have time to finish it. Was a really long day.

      We did however take photos in Vegas. They turned out pretty fun. I’ll have them up later. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you in person :(

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