Graduated and Working for Arda Wigs

Since Kollision Con alot has happened. I graduated college witha  Degree in Theatrical Directing in December, visited my family at their new home in Vegas and moved to St. Louis to start working for Arda Wigs! Thus I’ve been a busy, busy girl. I did do some work on the site however, I just didn’t update the news section.

So here’s what’s going down with the website update. I’ve re-organized my costume section into a “gallery” section, this way I can put pictures of my costumes, my make-up work and eventually some of my theatrical costume designs, maybe a short movie section and also some of my commissions for other people. For right now, its just separated into Costumes and Make-Up work. I’ve also organized Reference Art section, a Planned/Dream Costume List and a Progress Page. I’ve been wanting to do all these for a while because some of my favor parts of cosplay is seeing what people want to cosplay and their progress. (So far all I have up for the progress page is Dahlia Mason) I also wanted to put the Reference Art section up because I know how hard it can be for people sometimes to find reference art. So if there is a costume I’ve done that you would like to do, I have a section with the reference art I used for your use. (So far all I have up for reference art is Diana from Rule of Rose)

I also put up my Dahlia Mason from SH: Shattered Memories costume. I have quite a few other costumes to put up as well, but I’m a bit behind because I’m still working on fixing all my old costume pages to look nicer.

Overall the site is kinda a slow work in progress. Right now I am working on a new website for Arda Wigs. (Which kinda takes priority since it pays the rent) I’m also maintaining their Facebook Page, Twitter and Tumblr. I also am in charge of their Mailing List and sometimes I run their booth at conventions. Here’s a preview of their sites new layout!
Arda Wigs New Front Page Preview

Because I am working at Arda Wigs now, I will get to travel alot more to all sorts of conventions. I’m really excited for this. It gives me even more of a chance to meet other cosplayers and learn about the hobby. If I’m coming to a con near you, you can find me at the Arda Wigs booth, come and say ‘Hi!’


One response to “Graduated and Working for Arda Wigs

  1. Michael "Moses" Wagner

    If your work takes you to the DC / Baltimore area, let me know, perhaps we can hang out one day, while you are in town.

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