Manry Costumes!

Its been hard to find time to update the website but I finally put aside some time for myself and I decided to update the website in that time. I should be working on costumes for SDCC >.<;

I added Arpegius and Firo to my costuming gallery. Both costumes are my attempt at being a man when I’m not covered in green make-up. I didn’t think I could ever do it, but I don’t think I did to bad. I’m definitely getting better with practice at this crossplay make-up thing.

Once fall hits I will probably have more time to add a few tutorials to the site that I’ve made and I also wanted to put all my reference photos and progress photos into their corresponding costume.

Also stay tuned for a few more costumes to be added to the gallery from the summer cons. I’ve got some really fun ones that totally go against my normal grain of costuming style!


2 responses to “Manry Costumes!

  1. That’s awesome. I’m really wanting to create a “dude” costume myself. It’ll be hard because of my giant booty but I have a plan that’ll be somewhat hilarious. I want to make a really large, video game style muscle suit. I kind of know how (by trial and error of other costuming things I’ve done). I’d be short but it’d be fun to do one of the big bosses from Borderlands like Sledge! Any other suggestions?

    • Emily Harris - Avianna

      Hrm. I don’t know. I have a hard time suggesting what guy characters girls should dress as. Especially if they are extremely feminine. Like yourself. I’d say just cosplay your favorite male characters. That’s what I do :P

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