Summer Con Trip; OVER!

With Arda Wigs this summer, I traveled to LA for Anime Expo. While I was there I debut a new costume, Misty from Pokemon. Photos of this costume to go up as I get them. Something I majorly learned from this trip is that selling wigs doesn’t leave much time for costume pictures! :P

After Anime Expo, I headed to Las Vegas to spend a few weeks with my parents while I took care of shipping wigs that I had with me. It was awesome to work by day and explore Vegas by night. I didn’t get to take any pictures in costume unfortunately, but I did get to buy some stuff from Vegas that was awesome. Picked up a nice pair of thigh high boots from a thrift shop for $20!

After Vegas I headed to San Diego to go to Comic Con! My first comic con and my first con since ACen that I didn’t have to sell wigs. It was a nice little vacation. I got to wear another new costume, Delirium from Sandman, with my fellow Arda Wigs girls. We had a Sandman group of Daniel, Desire, Death and Delirium. Still waiting to get photos back of that! I also wore Harley Quinn again for a bit, but only got stopped for pictures, no huge photo shoots or anything. It was a fun con, I hope if I go back in the future I have more time to organize what I’m doing. That con is CRAZY!

After SDCC we had a week to drive across the country for Otakon. I stuck my foot in the Pacific Ocean and five days later I stuck my foot in the Atlantic! I’m a nerd and was excited that I did my first cross country trip!

At Otakon I worked the booth during the day and walked around looking at costumes at night. On Saturday I had a big Silent Hill Gathering! We ran around taking picture of Silent Hill stuff from 7pm to about 2am! It was insane and there will be pictures as soon as they are edited. Got to meet a ton of people; Sanda, Firelily, Pikmin Link, IchicoKitty. And I got to see alot of people I don’t normally see at cons!

After Otakon I got to spend some time with my boyfriend for the first time in 2 months and I also got to travel to Centrilia PA! For being a small non-existant town I had so much fun visiting the place that inspired Silent Hill. If I go back I think I might dress up :D

AFTER THAT! I headed to GENCON! Wooo! One of my favorite cons of the year! I worked for Skirmisher Publishing during the day and gamed at night. It was a blast, as always. Got to game in a Cthulhu Game and an Unknown Armies game. Fun was had by all. Costuming, Selling, Gaming and Drinking. How could a convention get any better? It couldn’t.

Now I’m home and packing to move the Arda Wigs HQ to Chicago! Pictures and costume updates as I get them/get the chance to post them!


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  1. Wow those are alot of colors. but they look cool

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