In the velvet darkness, of the blackest night…

…Burning bright, there’s a guiding star no matter what or who you are…Heartless Replicant

Okay, sorry for the Rocky reference, but the new theme of the website and the new costumes/photos had me singing this song. Mostly because its all black with burst of light. I posted my Shadow Heartless to the gallery. He comes complete with glowing yellow eyes. I posted new photos of Pris; which all have a ton of black with some awesome flash lighting effects by the lovely Elemental. And then I went back to the black backgrounds with the glowing rainbow colors for the theme. I think I’ll be keeping it for a while. Its kinda my favorite and it goes with the new banner (More from that costume to come in the coming weeks).

I also have gone through and given all the gallery pages a major facelift. No longer do they look like old Geocities pages with awkward text and weirdly spaced galleries. They now have a slide show, a new pretty banner -themed for each costume- and some of the descriptions have even been updated. (I can’t get to my sewing machine currently, so you can understand why I’ve been so productive eh?)

Will be uploading some reference photos in .Rar form soon for as many costumes as I still have reference photos I used sitting around for AND I’m gonna try to put together a tutorial on how I made my Heartless.


One response to “In the velvet darkness, of the blackest night…

  1. cool i love this. Great content on your site

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