Mr. J is Missing Out

At Anime Central this year I got to make a new and improved Harley Quinn costume that was miles better then the first time I ever made Harley (which was my first attempt at cosplay). AND I got to dress all pretty with my friend Penny!

Penny doesn’t get to see me very often, but she’s traveling to see me tomorrow, so in honor of getting to see one of my best friends, I thought I would finally sit down and post up this costume. Thanks to Elemental and LJinto for taking photos for me during later con hours. And thanks to Tee for putting up with  her corset while waiting for me to finish judging.


2 responses to “Mr. J is Missing Out

  1. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Right? Nice costumes… I always liked that Quinn had the jester hat in the Batman the animated series though… great look over all for doing it yourself that is for sure!

    • Emily Harris - Avianna

      Yea. I’ve tried that costume before, but I wanted to do something different for fun. I’m not a huge fan of the new designs of Harley so I used a Fan Art version of her for inspiration for this costume. :D

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