About Me

Name: Emily
Online/Cosplay Alias: Avianna
Birthday: January 23rd 1984
: IL, Midwest, USA
Height/ W
eight: 5’4″ / 115 lbs
Occupation: Web Designer & Creator for Arda Wigs
Favorite Food: Sushi, Breakfast & Guinness
Favorite Color: Dark Green
Favorite Video Games
: Silent Hill Series, Suikoden II, Final Fantasy XI, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete & Legends of Dragoon
Favorite Anime: Serial Experiment Lain, Paradise Kiss, Baccano! & Spirited Away
Favorite TV Shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica. True Blood & Kimi Wa Petto
Favorite Movies: Lost in Translation, Fight Club, Romeo + Juliet, Spirited Away, Wall-E, & Bladerunner

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I’ve been dressing up my whole life. My mother was always a crafty woman and I always had hand-me-down costumes. When I was in grade school I was Catwoman three Halloweens in a row! I don’t remember which came first, but one summer I made a Harley Quinn costume for Halloween and a Silent Hill Nurse Costume for GenCon, and the rest was history. Going to cons and meeting people who have the same interests as me in crafting costumes is a dream come true. My true zen.

Future Goals:
I’ve recently started working for Arda Wigs. I really like the company and its slowly growing. I really can’t wait to grow with the company, I have lots of ideas for things to sell and ways to promote us to cosplayers. My overall goal would be to grow with the company. One day I would still like to go back to Grad School for Costume Design or Special Effects. I still would love to settle down and have a family one day as well.

The History of the name “Avianna”