I’d love to hear from you. Whether it be questions, comments on a certain costume or tutorials you would like to see added. Maybe you just wanna say “Hi!”

Just fill out the entry form below. Entries are kept private, as well as all information added. I won’t even know your e-mail unless you give it to me in the actual comment. All mail is moderated before it is posted, and if you would like it to stay private, just let me know in the comment.

I’m a huge fan of feedback, so the more the better!


8 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi Emily,

    My name is Chelsea and I’m a junior over at the University of Chicago. I’m doing a documentary on women in cosplay and I was really interested in talking to you about your experiences. For the documentary, my crew and I are hoping to talk to a variety of women, experienced and inexperienced cosplayers alike to get a better understanding of what cosplay is about and what goes into creating these incredibly elaborate costumes. We’re going to be at C2E2 this weekend and right now are working on getting media passes for ACen next month.

    I came across your profile on and of course the website and since you’re based in Illinois, thought that it would be a good idea to get in touch with you. The amount of work and incredible detail that you put into your costumes as well as the fact that you seem to just plain love cosplay definitely caught my attention. I would love to interview you for the film as well as perhaps get some footage of you in some of the costumes you’ve made over the years and perhaps you working on your costumes for ACen.

    Please feel free to contact me at I’m always by the computer or on my Blackberry (crackberry, it’s a serious problem). I would really love to work with you, so let me know if you’re interested and we can start talking.

    Thanks for your time! And the best of luck as you prep for ACen.

    All the best,
    Chelsea Woods

  2. Loved your Anna Iva. If you want i can add the red glow in your monocle via photoshop

  3. I was doing a search on Silent Hill Nurse costumes on Yahoo, and was astounded to see that not only was MY name on the page, but looking around I saw that we play a lot of the same video games. I just had to say something, because my names pretty uncommon XD I also have an art degree, and was looking for costume ideas for the upcoming NYC ComicCon. Great stuff!!! Keep it up!

  4. Love the Rule of Rose cosplay. I am totaly suprised to see a group from what seems like such an unknown PS2 game!!! I havent finished the game, but seeing this makes me want to pick it up again!
    All your cosplays are AWESOME!!!!

  5. Honestly, I just want to thank you for your fantastic punk!Dahlia cosplay from Shattered Memories. I got through the game earlier today and am slightly infatuated with the character at the moment, so it made my day to see someone pull off that outfit as well as you did. Kudos!

  6. Hi Avianna!
    I’m Minako, a French cosplayer living in Paris. I like your website and I’d like to do a links exchange with you! Please let me know=)


  7. Hi! Thanks for helping Janus and I find wigs! They worked out perfectly! It was nice talking to you briefly (and yet one of the longest I had with anyone) at Sakura con. If you do come back to Seattle/Portland one day for a con, definitely bring your Lucca costume. Photo op! Ha! …I looked around a little bit on your website, but I didn’t see any pictures of your Lucca… Could you email me a couple? I know you showed me one, but I don’t remember it very well.

    ~Kevin []

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