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Major Site Overhaul!

Hey guys. I’m playing with some new site features that I think you might like, but its gonna take a while to get them all emplimented since I’m traveling and working alot. So, PLEASE EXCUSE MY MESS!


Interrupt this Blog for Happy News!

Last weekend at Fanime, the WCS United States team competition took place to see who would represent Team USA in Japan this year. A very wonderful girl I’ve had the pleasure to meet and cosplay with, Rynn, was a member of the winning group! I’m so excited for you and your partner, Sumikins. Go get em’ Tigers!

Fall Update!

ZombieFamily2Soda Fountain Photography684917291_mvjvB-L

School’s been my life! However, instead of updating my website, I’ve been spending the free moments doing photoshoots or working on costumes. Working on Youmacon right now along with all my school work.

Updates to the site include, but are not limited too: the Zombie Family shoot I did Make-Up for, Got some photos of Diana in an abandoned house that we just for fun but turned out really awesome, Got some new banners for the site made by the lovely Leesers, added a ton of new links in general to my Links section (including alot of the people I’ve been shooting with), updated my projects section, took the shop down for the time being, used some recent picture from a recent photo shoot to spruce up my “About Me” section.

Team USA 09 Gets Brother Award

1st place went to Japan, and 2nd went to Spain! But the costumes were so well put together, the Brother award (kinda like 3rd place) went to Team USA! The above video I captured off the WCS website after a few hours of translating instructions and uploading proper equipment! The song is added and not the original song due to how it was recorded I had to later add a song.


WCS! Good Luck Team USA!

Its that time of year again! The time of year when I get to watch the live streaming video of cosplayers from all around the world getting together to show off fantastic costumes! And this year, the USA has a team of girls I’ve admired for quite sometime.

Dia (the one on the left) has been my favorite Yukari (from Paradise Kiss), Rachel (from Bladerunner) and Lain (Serial Experiment Lain) for a very long time. And FatWetDog (girl on the right) is by far the best Queen of Hearts design I’ve EVER seen. I used to drool over how perfect it looked for an original design of an Alice in Wonderland character.

I just wanna use this entry to wish them the best of luck over in Japan. I know WCS can sometimes can be a hard road to hoe because of its changes in rules and overall politics, but I just extremely glad that Dia and FWD had the chance to go over there and have three, what I am sure are beautiful costumes, fully paid for. YOU GO LADIES!

If interested in watching all the press, go to this website!

On another cosplay note, I have put up pictures and a gallery for my LADY GAGA costume. I’m still on the look out for more pictures I took with different photographers (including an awesome picture of me sticking my ‘disco stick’ up Daguru’s butt in his Daft Punk Costume), so look back here in the future for more photos added!