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Summer Con Trip; OVER!

With Arda Wigs this summer, I traveled to LA for Anime Expo. While I was there I debut a new costume, Misty from Pokemon. Photos of this costume to go up as I get them. Something I majorly learned from this trip is that selling wigs doesn’t leave much time for costume pictures! :P

After Anime Expo, I headed to Las Vegas to spend a few weeks with my parents while I took care of shipping wigs that I had with me. It was awesome to work by day and explore Vegas by night. I didn’t get to take any pictures in costume unfortunately, but I did get to buy some stuff from Vegas that was awesome. Picked up a nice pair of thigh high boots from a thrift shop for $20!

After Vegas I headed to San Diego to go to Comic Con! My first comic con and my first con since ACen that I didn’t have to sell wigs. It was a nice little vacation. I got to wear another new costume, Delirium from Sandman, with my fellow Arda Wigs girls. We had a Sandman group of Daniel, Desire, Death and Delirium. Still waiting to get photos back of that! I also wore Harley Quinn again for a bit, but only got stopped for pictures, no huge photo shoots or anything. It was a fun con, I hope if I go back in the future I have more time to organize what I’m doing. That con is CRAZY!

After SDCC we had a week to drive across the country for Otakon. I stuck my foot in the Pacific Ocean and five days later I stuck my foot in the Atlantic! I’m a nerd and was excited that I did my first cross country trip!

At Otakon I worked the booth during the day and walked around looking at costumes at night. On Saturday I had a big Silent Hill Gathering! We ran around taking picture of Silent Hill stuff from 7pm to about 2am! It was insane and there will be pictures as soon as they are edited. Got to meet a ton of people; Sanda, Firelily, Pikmin Link, IchicoKitty. And I got to see alot of people I don’t normally see at cons!

After Otakon I got to spend some time with my boyfriend for the first time in 2 months and I also got to travel to Centrilia PA! For being a small non-existant town I had so much fun visiting the place that inspired Silent Hill. If I go back I think I might dress up :D

AFTER THAT! I headed to GENCON! Wooo! One of my favorite cons of the year! I worked for Skirmisher Publishing during the day and gamed at night. It was a blast, as always. Got to game in a Cthulhu Game and an Unknown Armies game. Fun was had by all. Costuming, Selling, Gaming and Drinking. How could a convention get any better? It couldn’t.

Now I’m home and packing to move the Arda Wigs HQ to Chicago! Pictures and costume updates as I get them/get the chance to post them!


Graduated and Working for Arda Wigs

Since Kollision Con alot has happened. I graduated college witha  Degree in Theatrical Directing in December, visited my family at their new home in Vegas and moved to St. Louis to start working for Arda Wigs! Thus I’ve been a busy, busy girl. I did do some work on the site however, I just didn’t update the news section.

So here’s what’s going down with the website update. I’ve re-organized my costume section into a “gallery” section, this way I can put pictures of my costumes, my make-up work and eventually some of my theatrical costume designs, maybe a short movie section and also some of my commissions for other people. For right now, its just separated into Costumes and Make-Up work. I’ve also organized Reference Art section, a Planned/Dream Costume List and a Progress Page. I’ve been wanting to do all these for a while because some of my favor parts of cosplay is seeing what people want to cosplay and their progress. (So far all I have up for the progress page is Dahlia Mason) I also wanted to put the Reference Art section up because I know how hard it can be for people sometimes to find reference art. So if there is a costume I’ve done that you would like to do, I have a section with the reference art I used for your use. (So far all I have up for reference art is Diana from Rule of Rose)

I also put up my Dahlia Mason from SH: Shattered Memories costume. I have quite a few other costumes to put up as well, but I’m a bit behind because I’m still working on fixing all my old costume pages to look nicer.

Overall the site is kinda a slow work in progress. Right now I am working on a new website for Arda Wigs. (Which kinda takes priority since it pays the rent) I’m also maintaining their Facebook Page, Twitter and Tumblr. I also am in charge of their Mailing List and sometimes I run their booth at conventions. Here’s a preview of their sites new layout!
Arda Wigs New Front Page Preview

Because I am working at Arda Wigs now, I will get to travel alot more to all sorts of conventions. I’m really excited for this. It gives me even more of a chance to meet other cosplayers and learn about the hobby. If I’m coming to a con near you, you can find me at the Arda Wigs booth, come and say ‘Hi!’

Back From Youma/Next Stop Kollision

Youma went wonderful. I don’t have much time between this con and next because I’m currently Asst. Designing Cabaret! Thus I won’t post about Youma until I get back from Kollision. However, I would like to say:

Updating Over the Fall

I’m still very much behind on videos from this summer and editing photos, but I choose a new theme for the website that I think it a bit more crisp and to the point for what I need the site to do. I’m slowly redoing all the costuming sections to be more organized by Photographer and I’m also going to include all reference pictures I still have of my costumes. Including some hard to find scans. So I hope that helps some people out in the future.

Upcoming cons at Youmacon and KollisionCon. I will be having a Silent Hill Panel at Kollisioncon that I will be posting about shortly. Stay tuned!

Summer is ALMOST over!

And what a crazy summer it has been for me. I’m been all around the US selling wigs and wearing costumes. My body is soooo tired; I’m not sure how rested I am for my last semester in school!

I still have video footage from both Anime Expo and Anime Iowa to put up and I have a ton of photos and costumes and photo shoots to put up as well. I don’t know people can keep up with this sort of stuff on their websites in the summer. I posted a description of my Pris and my Mia costume. I’m playing around with a new layout for the costume descriptions, so let me know what you think.

Now to jump back into school! I’ve got a play and a show I am making puppets for very early in the year. Wish me luck!

ACen on Hold

I have soooo much to report about my wonderful times at ACen! I have 40+ minutes of video footage AND I’m still waiting on getting all my photo shoots back.

This has all taken a back seat right now because I am in the process of moving to a new house, being a groomsmen in a wedding and taking my little sister out to Vegas for her 21st birthday. Once all this is said and done, I gotta finish some commissions and then I will give you all the down low on what went on at ACen.

I do want state one thing before going back to packing and unpacking;

Thank you so much for all your wonderful words at ACen.

I tried really hard this year to branch out and talk to a bunch of new cosplayers and I had such positive feedback from alot of you on my work. I am really appreciative of the people who take some time out of their busy con schedule to say they like my work. I seriously almost cried twice at this con because of people just being so kind. I sew and make all my costumes for myself, sure, but people who compliment my costumes and say I inspired them… that’s the reason I keep going to cons. And I just wanted to thank every one of you for making me feel so welcome in the community. I hope I get a chance to cosplay with all of you one day.

Theatre and Sales!

Wondering why nothings been going on here in a while. Fear not! I’ve been hard at work putting together my first theatre show. For the last month and a half I have been hard at work on Harold Pinter’s One for the Road. In short its a political play written by Pinter in response to two turkish women being okay with their government torturing people for what the women can only say is “probably a good reason.” Pinter found this topic to be one important for people to really think about thus he wrote this play as a response to this idea.

Along with directing this play I also did the costumes for it. Sketches of this costumes will be found on my Deviant Art account after the show has premiered.

Also, because I will be moving this summer into a new home, I’m in need of a little extra cash to spruce the place up. In order to make a little extra cash I have put up a commissions page for Silent Hill Nurse Costumes at’s Marketplace. The ad can be found here.

The costumes will be made with high quality cotton/poly fibers and will come with a dress and a hat. There is also the added option of myself putting the entire costume together for you, wig and all, however the price will vary for this depending on shoes and what other accessories you would like with the outfit. (accurate gloves, wig, extra) You get your high quality and accurate Silent Hill Nurse costume today!

In other news, I’ve been working really hard on my Lucca costume. Once my show is up and running I will start working on the harder parts of the costume and I will probably put some progress shots up on I’m also almost done with my Honeybee Inn costume and I have started modifying the fabric for my newest costume added to my line up: Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon. I’m really excited about my Astrid costume because as it turns out, I had all the fabric I needed for the costume already in my house!

See ya at ACen!