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Mr. J is Missing Out

At Anime Central this year I got to make a new and improved Harley Quinn costume that was miles better then the first time I ever made Harley (which was my first attempt at cosplay). AND I got to dress all pretty with my friend Penny!

Penny doesn’t get to see me very often, but she’s traveling to see me tomorrow, so in honor of getting to see one of my best friends, I thought I would finally sit down and post up this costume. Thanks to Elemental and LJinto for taking photos for me during later con hours. And thanks to Tee for putting up with  her corset while waiting for me to finish judging.


In the velvet darkness, of the blackest night…

…Burning bright, there’s a guiding star no matter what or who you are…Heartless Replicant

Okay, sorry for the Rocky reference, but the new theme of the website and the new costumes/photos had me singing this song. Mostly because its all black with burst of light. I posted my Shadow Heartless to the gallery. He comes complete with glowing yellow eyes. I posted new photos of Pris; which all have a ton of black with some awesome flash lighting effects by the lovely Elemental. And then I went back to the black backgrounds with the glowing rainbow colors for the theme. I think I’ll be keeping it for a while. Its kinda my favorite and it goes with the new banner (More from that costume to come in the coming weeks).

I also have gone through and given all the gallery pages a major facelift. No longer do they look like old Geocities pages with awkward text and weirdly spaced galleries. They now have a slide show, a new pretty banner -themed for each costume- and some of the descriptions have even been updated. (I can’t get to my sewing machine currently, so you can understand why I’ve been so productive eh?)

Will be uploading some reference photos in .Rar form soon for as many costumes as I still have reference photos I used sitting around for AND I’m gonna try to put together a tutorial on how I made my Heartless.

Manry Costumes!

Its been hard to find time to update the website but I finally put aside some time for myself and I decided to update the website in that time. I should be working on costumes for SDCC >.<;

I added Arpegius and Firo to my costuming gallery. Both costumes are my attempt at being a man when I’m not covered in green make-up. I didn’t think I could ever do it, but I don’t think I did to bad. I’m definitely getting better with practice at this crossplay make-up thing.

Once fall hits I will probably have more time to add a few tutorials to the site that I’ve made and I also wanted to put all my reference photos and progress photos into their corresponding costume.

Also stay tuned for a few more costumes to be added to the gallery from the summer cons. I’ve got some really fun ones that totally go against my normal grain of costuming style!

Graduated and Working for Arda Wigs

Since Kollision Con alot has happened. I graduated college witha  Degree in Theatrical Directing in December, visited my family at their new home in Vegas and moved to St. Louis to start working for Arda Wigs! Thus I’ve been a busy, busy girl. I did do some work on the site however, I just didn’t update the news section.

So here’s what’s going down with the website update. I’ve re-organized my costume section into a “gallery” section, this way I can put pictures of my costumes, my make-up work and eventually some of my theatrical costume designs, maybe a short movie section and also some of my commissions for other people. For right now, its just separated into Costumes and Make-Up work. I’ve also organized Reference Art section, a Planned/Dream Costume List and a Progress Page. I’ve been wanting to do all these for a while because some of my favor parts of cosplay is seeing what people want to cosplay and their progress. (So far all I have up for the progress page is Dahlia Mason) I also wanted to put the Reference Art section up because I know how hard it can be for people sometimes to find reference art. So if there is a costume I’ve done that you would like to do, I have a section with the reference art I used for your use. (So far all I have up for reference art is Diana from Rule of Rose)

I also put up my Dahlia Mason from SH: Shattered Memories costume. I have quite a few other costumes to put up as well, but I’m a bit behind because I’m still working on fixing all my old costume pages to look nicer.

Overall the site is kinda a slow work in progress. Right now I am working on a new website for Arda Wigs. (Which kinda takes priority since it pays the rent) I’m also maintaining their Facebook Page, Twitter and Tumblr. I also am in charge of their Mailing List and sometimes I run their booth at conventions. Here’s a preview of their sites new layout!
Arda Wigs New Front Page Preview

Because I am working at Arda Wigs now, I will get to travel alot more to all sorts of conventions. I’m really excited for this. It gives me even more of a chance to meet other cosplayers and learn about the hobby. If I’m coming to a con near you, you can find me at the Arda Wigs booth, come and say ‘Hi!’

Summer is ALMOST over!

And what a crazy summer it has been for me. I’m been all around the US selling wigs and wearing costumes. My body is soooo tired; I’m not sure how rested I am for my last semester in school!

I still have video footage from both Anime Expo and Anime Iowa to put up and I have a ton of photos and costumes and photo shoots to put up as well. I don’t know people can keep up with this sort of stuff on their websites in the summer. I posted a description of my Pris and my Mia costume. I’m playing around with a new layout for the costume descriptions, so let me know what you think.

Now to jump back into school! I’ve got a play and a show I am making puppets for very early in the year. Wish me luck!

Ohayocon 2010 and More

It’s been a crazy last few months! I’ve done photo shoots for costumes, make-up for photo shoots and gone  to Ohayocon. Its been crazy! So let’s see if I can sum it up into words.

I got pictures of my Lady Gaga costume and they’ve been up for a while. I sent them off to be put in a fan book that Lady Gaga received and there is a chance I could be published in a fan book in the future.

I also finished the Youmacon Vlog I did and it can be seen here. Seems like forever ago that I went to this con. I really loved it and I love spending time with all the wonderful people that went there.

I didn’t do a vlog for Ohayocon cause I wanted it to be a vacation. I did alot of shoots with costumes I already had and only debuted one new costume. Dahlia Gillespie. It was a majorly fun costume, as you can see here. Got a ton of photos done in it with a whole bunch of awesome Silent Hill cosplayers.

We went through some trials to get my new head banner, but I have to say its pretty epic. I really enjoyed our new Rule of Rose group and shoot. (More Diana Photos Here!) Its fun to get so into a game you really love with people who are equally as cool. I also got a few new pictures with EBK of my Rosemary costume, but I’m still editing them. I wore Miri’s Jessica costume and I had my friend Livid Doll wear my Demon Nurse costume. Overall, I think the con ended up being the vacation I needed.

We didn’t do the skit I had been working on, which was a let down for me. But it still in planning for doing in the future. Since we didn’t do it, I had time to just hang out and be with friends. Which was a better time then the stress that can happen with a skit.

Coming up I hope to have some more pictures of a DEATHLY Valentine’s Day shoot I did. It was a boudoir shoot, so some of the pictures may be a bit risque, but the make-up I did for it I am soooo happy with.

Anyway, spend Sunday with the ones you love. Even if they aren’t your lovers. And have a happy Snowy February.

YoumaCon 2009

Oh my goodness, what a fall this has been. My schooling has been so chaotic its hard to update directly after a con because I have to get so caught up after missing one or two days! Its ridiculous! But ‘busy’ already is pretty much my middle name!

Youmacon went great. I got to debut quite a few costumes. Including my Rosemary costume from SaGa Frontier; which I had a lovely brother and group for! Oh the SaGa love! I also brought my Julian Moore costume (gallery up shortly) and a new Lady Gaga (gallery up shortly). I didn’t get many pictures of the latter two, thus the reason I don’t have galleries for them yet. I also grabbed my ‘Gijinka’ Robbie costume to hang out with my friend Miri, who also made a Bunny Boy costume to go along with mine. Fun was had by all!

I got to see a ton of awesome friends I don’t get to see very often and I got to meet quite a few new friends; some of which I have a feeling are gonna be some awesome cosplay friendships. Our hotel room was the best thing ever and I also worked for Kingdom Arts. Working for The Arts ended up paying for my trip, and not only that, brought me much closer to some of the coolest cosplay ladies in the world! You know who you are!

Totally going back next year!