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Video Logs done of upcoming projects and personal life stuff

Silent Hill Downpour @ San Diego Comic Con

I got a chance to play Silent Hill: Downpour at SDCC this year. In light of the new trailer being released at Tokyo Game Show, I wanted to put up the video of my play through. In the next few days I’ll put up some subtitled commentary, for now, enjoy.
Also, I’ve updated a few of the costumes pages in the gallery. Mainly the first 5 you see. Check them out and tell me what you think!


AX; An Experience

Anime Expo has come and gone and let me tell you it was an awesome and busy ride! I’ve got TONS of video from the trip that I will be editting and putting up soon. Overall I had a wonderful time. The trip there and back was a blast. LA was pretty cool because it wasn’t blazing hot. The dealers hall was a fun time to work in and I enjoyed meeting everyone that came to the booth. Thanks to everyone that bought a wig and a big thanks to the ones that brought them back to the booth for us to see them on! That was one of my favorite parts of the con. I also got to meet up with some LA buddies that I have been friends with online for some time and never actually met in person. That was amazing. I met a ton of really talented cosplayers and got some photos in my newest costume; Pris!

Until I have the video ready of the trip, please enjoy the last part of my Anime Central video. Also, look out for gallery updates in the next few days!

Final Stuff for AX & ACen Saturday

I’ve already arrived at Harl’s house and have spent the last few days counting and drooling over all her wigs she just got in stock and building a HUGE DISPLAY out of pipe for her wig heads. Its been a fun time. We’ve cooked alot of good meals and I’ve had a great time taste testing all the English booze and food she brought back from England!

This is gonna end up being my line up for Anime Expo:
Murdoc Thursday, Firo Friday, Lucca Saturday with Pris making nightly appearances and possibly a Sunday appearance.

I’ve been accepted as an entrance into Cosplay.Com’s Hallway Costume Contest. I entered my Lucca costume since its one of the newest ones I’ve worked really hard on. So wish me luck! I just finished Pris about 2 minutes ago and I’m excited to premier her as well. Thank you everyone for voting on DA for your costume of choice. Look forward to more polls in the future so that you can play Barbie with me.

And here’s a VLog of Saturday at ACen. It includes some Dealer’s Room Antics, Crazy Masquerade Surprises and a back stage view of the costume contest with my friends Argento and Meesh.

ACen Friday & AX Projects

I finished the first day of Vlogs for YouTube. Warning, there is some language in here. NSFW

Most of the Vlog is me being overly giddy since by the end of Friday night I had been up for 40+ hours because of finals, commissions, the drive up and the con. But overall it was the day I took the most video I think. It includes, but is not limited to: Baccano Bathroom Tours, Chrono Trigger behind the Deathcom Shoot and Gorillaz telling stories about short-shorts.

This is the possible line-up for Anime Expo costumes. I have, since ACen, got a hat for Firo and I plan on adding a bit more details to my Murdoc Costume. Pris is leading the polls on DA as the favored costume to see at AX. Recently I kinda fell for Hetalia a bit. Its quite funny. So I decided I would make a Holy Roman Empire costume to go with Harl’s Chibitalia costume. However, that costume is on the back burner until I get Pris done.

I’m be working for at AX! Come visit our booth. We have a contest going on for free Arda-Wig Gift Certificates!

Ohayocon 2010 and More

It’s been a crazy last few months! I’ve done photo shoots for costumes, make-up for photo shoots and gone  to Ohayocon. Its been crazy! So let’s see if I can sum it up into words.

I got pictures of my Lady Gaga costume and they’ve been up for a while. I sent them off to be put in a fan book that Lady Gaga received and there is a chance I could be published in a fan book in the future.

I also finished the Youmacon Vlog I did and it can be seen here. Seems like forever ago that I went to this con. I really loved it and I love spending time with all the wonderful people that went there.

I didn’t do a vlog for Ohayocon cause I wanted it to be a vacation. I did alot of shoots with costumes I already had and only debuted one new costume. Dahlia Gillespie. It was a majorly fun costume, as you can see here. Got a ton of photos done in it with a whole bunch of awesome Silent Hill cosplayers.

We went through some trials to get my new head banner, but I have to say its pretty epic. I really enjoyed our new Rule of Rose group and shoot. (More Diana Photos Here!) Its fun to get so into a game you really love with people who are equally as cool. I also got a few new pictures with EBK of my Rosemary costume, but I’m still editing them. I wore Miri’s Jessica costume and I had my friend Livid Doll wear my Demon Nurse costume. Overall, I think the con ended up being the vacation I needed.

We didn’t do the skit I had been working on, which was a let down for me. But it still in planning for doing in the future. Since we didn’t do it, I had time to just hang out and be with friends. Which was a better time then the stress that can happen with a skit.

Coming up I hope to have some more pictures of a DEATHLY Valentine’s Day shoot I did. It was a boudoir shoot, so some of the pictures may be a bit risque, but the make-up I did for it I am soooo happy with.

Anyway, spend Sunday with the ones you love. Even if they aren’t your lovers. And have a happy Snowy February.

YoumaCon 2009

Oh my goodness, what a fall this has been. My schooling has been so chaotic its hard to update directly after a con because I have to get so caught up after missing one or two days! Its ridiculous! But ‘busy’ already is pretty much my middle name!

Youmacon went great. I got to debut quite a few costumes. Including my Rosemary costume from SaGa Frontier; which I had a lovely brother and group for! Oh the SaGa love! I also brought my Julian Moore costume (gallery up shortly) and a new Lady Gaga (gallery up shortly). I didn’t get many pictures of the latter two, thus the reason I don’t have galleries for them yet. I also grabbed my ‘Gijinka’ Robbie costume to hang out with my friend Miri, who also made a Bunny Boy costume to go along with mine. Fun was had by all!

I got to see a ton of awesome friends I don’t get to see very often and I got to meet quite a few new friends; some of which I have a feeling are gonna be some awesome cosplay friendships. Our hotel room was the best thing ever and I also worked for Kingdom Arts. Working for The Arts ended up paying for my trip, and not only that, brought me much closer to some of the coolest cosplay ladies in the world! You know who you are!

Totally going back next year!

Fall Update!

ZombieFamily2Soda Fountain Photography684917291_mvjvB-L

School’s been my life! However, instead of updating my website, I’ve been spending the free moments doing photoshoots or working on costumes. Working on Youmacon right now along with all my school work.

Updates to the site include, but are not limited too: the Zombie Family shoot I did Make-Up for, Got some photos of Diana in an abandoned house that we just for fun but turned out really awesome, Got some new banners for the site made by the lovely Leesers, added a ton of new links in general to my Links section (including alot of the people I’ve been shooting with), updated my projects section, took the shop down for the time being, used some recent picture from a recent photo shoot to spruce up my “About Me” section.