Anna Iva

Version: Absent Minded Inventor
Series: Original Steampunk Design
Completed: May 2008
Convention Worn: Anime Central 2008

I’ve been VERY interested in Steampunk for a long time. Maybe because I enjoy fantasy and Victorian wear. Maybe because I’m such a huge fan of costuming in eras. Maybe because in some cases Steampunk looks a lot like Firefly. Who knows, but I’ve always been interested in its feel and look. For a while I was really scared of such a task, I could try and pull it off and look like a complete idiot, but I decided to throw those fears to the wind. If I suck, at least I tried.
I wanted to create something from the ground up, so I came up with a concept of an inventor, who’s a little absent minded and a little bit of a clutter bug. The idea was that at one time, because of her clutter and absentmindedness she was involved in a minor explosion that blew up on the right side of her body. Thus she invented a working eye monogoggle that helped her have a bit of her vision back and a shoulder piece to give her movement in her arm again.
She has a moving dog named Sir Russell Gizmo Alexander III, or Rusty for short.
She’s also a crew member on an airship called Victoria’s Revenge. (Its an online group of steampunk costumers) The symbol on her shoulder armor is the symbol of the crew.
Even thou she is mostly done, I plan on updating a few things. After wearing her the first time I realized what I have to do to update her. Small things here and there.
The arm piece is movable and the Goggle actually lights up. And Rusty’s eyes light up, he barks, and moves… rather randomly.
Video I made so you can see the Mono Goggle light flashing here.

Photos by Ich-Will-Dass & Deathcom

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