Anti-Valentine’s Day Makeup

My friend Anna @ is starting to do  boudior shoots for girls and in order to show off her skill with the camera she needs some ‘test’ subjects. Its always fun to get dressed up sexy, so I voluneteered. Especially when I found out she wanted to add blood and gore to the first shoot we did.

The theme for this shoot was the Anti-Valentines Day. We wanted to take run-of-the-mill Valentine Card phrases and make them literal. Mine was, “You stole my heart Valentine!” Before the end of the shoot it turned into more along the lines of “What Gaga lyrics can be said about this makeup?”

Either way we both had fun and I got to express my single Valentine’s Day in photos. They turned out pretty awesome and I was really happy with my work. Plus, OMG who knew I looked that much like a girl? Anna is always so beautiful. And man can she pose. I need to learn a few things from her. Not just how to be bad ass with a camera.

All make-up was done with Ben-Nye products. The bruising was done with a Bruise Wheel and all the coloration around the wounds were done with the same wheel plus some Dark Violet and Golden Rod. The wounds were done with latex, tissue paper and a pair of manicure scissors. If you would like a shoot done by Anna contact her at If you would like me to gore you up! Just let her know I sent yea!


All of these photos are Copyright of Jackson Street Photography. All Right Reserved 2010.