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Video Games

Dahlia Mason from Silent Hill: Shattered MemoriesMia Ausa from Lunar: Silver Star Story CompleteLucca Ashtear from Chrono TriggerDahlia Gillespie from Silent HillRosemary from SaGa FrontierDiana from Rule of RoseDemon Nurse from Silent Hill 3Neofio from Chrono CrossRobbie the Rabbit from the Silent Hill seriesDark Goddess Althena from Lunar: Silver Star Story CompleteSiam from Silent Hill: HomecomingDemon Nurse from Silent Hill 3

Anime, Manga & Cartoons

Mommy Fortuna from The Last UnicornSheila from Dungeons and Dragons: The Animated SeriesYukari Hayasaka from Paradise Kiss

Movie & Music

Pris from Blade RunnerMurdoc from the GorillazLady Gaga from Fame Monster Tour
Lady Gaga from Original Concept

Original Design

Anna Iva from an Original Steampunk Concept


Older then Dirt

Wenda from Where's WaldoMarla Singer from Fight ClubBubblehead Nurse from Silent Hill 2Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series