Dahlia Gillespie

Version: Silent Hill 1 Dahlia
Series: Silent Hill
Completed: January 2010
Convention Worn: Ohayocon 2010, Youmacon 2010 and Ohayocon 2011

I’ve come a long way in a year with my sewing skills and although this costume is quite simple, if you look at the construction of this over my last year Ohayocon costumes there is VAST improvements. I made this costume on a suggestion from the cosplay.com Silent Hill thread. I wanted to do a character that didn’t get alot of love, and when someone said Dahlia, I was like “Heck yea the mother of Silent Hill needs love… and I get to do age make-up!”
The lace was taken from the costume shop in my theatre department. I just really liked the pattern on it. The wig arrived a month late, but the day before the con, so I will forgive those wonderful girls at the Chinese Wig shop I bought it from. Its a very pretty wig. Age makeup is all Ben-Nye products. I tried to stay true to Dahlia’s wrinkles, but I had to add in a few of my own so that it didn’t look awkward. I didn’t add the lipstick or eyeshadow because it took away from the aging I had done.
The dress was made from a Simplicity pattern with some BARGIN WALMART FABRIC. Omg! It was only $1.50 a yard and it was good quality. I added a shawl pattern to the collar just to make it easier to wear all together. The gold lace was the most expensive. It was 3$ a yard, but I really liked the patterns in it. They remind me of the patterns in her gold trim, but smaller, so I double layered it. The under slip was bought and I added ribbon to the bottom. I also want to point out that I age make-uped my hands and feet.

Photos by Elemental AND EBK

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