Demon Nurse

on: In Game/Concept Art
Series: Silent Hill 3
Completed: May 2009
Convention Worn: ColossalCon 09 & Otakon 09

I wanted to re create this costume after I had learned to sew alot better, and now I got a chance to do so. I wanted it to look more exact to the game and I wanted it to be gorey, but not to gorey… and thus, this version was born. There’s things here and there that could be more exact (The mouth could just be a square, the shoes could be flats) but I really like how my version turned out. Its like someone took an original pixalated version of a video game and made it real. I’m very proud of my work on this costume. Not only that, you can see by this costume how well my sewing skills have improved, as well as my make-up skills.
The arms, legs and chest make-up, along with the face make-up, took about 2 hours to complete. I used veins I could see on my arm to help make the highlights and the shading. Because it took this long to do the shoot make-up, I have my doubts about ever getting it this exact again for a con. But we’ll see!
I made a tutorial here, on how I made the dress and the stains and gore. Its pretty good step by step of how I made the costume. The wig was the same as before, but more styled and the bangs were cut more blunt. Also a newer gun was bought for this shoot and repainted. The old gun will be used to make a Maria costume in the way WAY future.
Thank you to Elemental for stopping in my small town out of the way to do these photos.

Photos by Elemental

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