on: Concept Art/In Game
Rule of Rose
July 09
Convention Worn:
Otakon 09 & Ohayocon 2010

Last summer, before I started school at Western, I had seen a commercial for a game called Rule of Rose on YouTube. About a week later, while in Chicago, I saw it in a bargain bin at the Gamestop for 10$. Wanting to pick up a new Horror Game to run through before school started, I picked it up. OMG! What an amazing story. I was totally creeped out by the game… and although the fighting controls were a bit wonky and there were a few bugs here and there, I really did like the overall idea of the game. In fact I loved it. Nothing is scarier than bitchy pre-teens that just so happen to be loveless orphans… nothing!
I was extremely surprised when one day after Ohayocon 09 I was looking at Leeser’s Cosplay.com profile and I saw on her list of favorite games she also loved Rule of Rose. I messaged her and she thought I had seen her Live Journal character’s-she-wanted-to-do list. And from there I urged her to do it. Any excuse to cosplay with that girl is a good one, she’s such a HUGE sweetheart. Thus I promised to be the Diana to her Jennifer. I always thought of Diana as my favorite. At her age I always played the bad guy on the play ground so it was really perfect. Plus, she just always looks so creepy which is something I’ve been told I pull off pretty well.
Then you add to this equation that I saw Stray Wind was ALSO a Rule of Rose fan. I pulled her in like a tiger! The more the merrier! The game is all about the girls, so to have a few would be so wonderful and we could geek out about our own costumes and not care that no one at the con knew who we were. I really do believe we all picked REALLY good characters for our types.
It took FOREVER to find the right fabric for this dress. And I’m still not convinced that I love it. I had some fabric for a while that was pretty, but it turned out that I didn’t have enough of it. Thus I had to buy quilting fabric and hand dye, with fabric dye pins, every other line. This is what took forever in creating this costume. I could have made it in weekend if I had better fabric… I also had to tea stain it since I didn’t want the lines to be completely white.
The dress was a shirt pattern and a pleated skirt tutorial sewn together. I also used GodSavesTheQueen’s Sailor Collar tutorial to make the collar for the shirt; using parts lines from the fabric to make the borders. I hand stitched the under collar and cuffs on. The shoes were borrowed from Leeser’s Ema Skye costume and I plan on trying to buy them again before our next time bringing these characters out. Originally I bought a wig from CosWorx, but I really didn’t like how it came out or how thin the fibers were, so in the future I believe I will be using my Sheila Wig for this costume. I also wore gray contacts. I love them and I wish I could wear them all the time.
The Mermaid doll and the Paper Bag Masks were made by me and I shall be making them for the future members of our group.

Photos by Elemental, Craig Finlay, Adam Sacasa & Daguru

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