Firo Prochainezo

Version: Official Artwork
Series: Baccano!
Completed: January 2011
Convention Worn: Anime Central 2010, Anime Expo 2010 & Ohayocon 2011

This costume was a great find in all honesty. I was working in the costume shop at my college and I found this suit and it fit me PERFECTLY. It was green with awesome paisley inside and it had a name of the person that it was made for on the inside pocket. And he just so happen to have my initials and my last name. Weird coincidence? Nah, I call it faith. After I found the jacket I went through a few borrowed wigs before I landed a free one after winning a Judges Award for my Lucca Costume at Anime Expo 2010. My Judge was the Owner of Airliy and my prize was one of there wigs. The hat was bought off EBay and although I would like it to be a few shades lighter, and I could paint it, I’m afraid of ruining in because its the perfect shape and size for the era. The suspenders were bought for me by Bonk and are silk and appropriate for the time period as well. It took me a while to find good brown wing tips that were men’s shoes that also fit me. Overall the costume it totally a “Found Objects” costume, but it took me over a year to find everything before I was completely happy with it.
I’m still experimenting with crossplay make-up. In some pictures I think it looks pretty good and in others I think I still look REALLY girly with brown smugs on my face.
I’m very happy with the costume and I’m thinking of adding a few bullet holes to the shirt (ala the library scene) or maybe carry around a bottle of “wine.” All I know is that I really want some fun old timey shots taken before I completely hang this costume’s hat up.

Photos by Gatsby

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