Harley Quinn

Version: Fan Art by NorthernBanshee
Series: Batman
Completed: May 2011
Convention Worn: Anime Central 2011 & San Diego Comic Con 2011

I’d been eyeing this design since it was shown to me years ago. I’m personally not to fond of the direction Harley Quinn’s outfits have been going, so I thought this outfit was so wonderful and unique. When I was little I used to love to watch the animated cartoon and mimic Harley’s voice. I used to do it for friends sometimes just for the heck of it. So I HAD to do this version, especially since my original costume was so dated when it came to my skill level.
I discussed this costume with my good friend Penny and really wanted to her to do Ivy because she looks so good in red hair. I convinced her and we sat on fabric and patterns for about a year before we jump started one another to finally get these costumes done for Anime Central so we could finally cosplay together.

How I Made It
I started off blending together three different patterns for the coat using muslin as a mockup. I adjust the patterns until they fit my chest and sides just right. After all , Harley’s real outfit fits her tight.
I used Microsuede for the entire outfit. One because it reminds me of the felt on a blackjack table (And this outfit makes Harley look like she’s gonna play some cards) and two because I don’t think I’ll even have a reason to use it again AND ITS SO SOFT! OMG! YAY! The lining is sateen, because I hate how thin and annoying normal lining fabric is. The diamonds we embroidered on with an embroidery machine that my roommates let me borrow. I really like how they turned out because I hate the original diamonds I cut out. I used a standard pant’s pattern and just alternated what fabric I was using, the same as I did the coat… except in the fan art both the back sides of the tails of her jacket at red, and I choose to alter those. I kept the pants the way they were because I liked the idea of having a red butt. I also added the diamonds to the top sleeve because you couldn’t see that side before and I thought it made the outfit symmetrical.
The hat was black and bought from Wal-Mart. I painted it using Jaquard’s Fabric Paint. However, I would not recommend just using the flat red, because it had a tendency to be very translucent and I couldn’t see it at all. That’s why the hat seems a bit metallic, I tried other fabric paint, but it did look very good. The band is left of fabric from the suit and I added a Joker Card with a kiss mark to the band of the hat. Because its cute.
I made the mask with help from Daguru and LividDoll. Thank you soooo much guys. Dag helped me make a mold of my face and then I sculpted the mask. He then made the negative and LividDoll added the latex to the negative to make my mask. They saved my costume by doing this for me while I was judging at Anime Central 2011. Thank you soooo much!
I wear suspenders with this costume and a wife beater that says “We’re Just Friends” as a joke about the pairing. I bought the shoes online from a fetish shoe boutique. They are called “Pleaser Seduce-460 Oxford Pump.” They aren’t very comfortable unless you wear them with socks. And in the fanart she is not wearing socks.
The wig I am wearing is a Chibi in Platinum Blonde 081 from Arda-Wigs.com. I pulled the ponytails out and adjusted them lower so that I could wear the hat and still have ponytails. In the Fan Art you can’t see ponytails, but I wanted to keep that true to the character I grew up loving.

If I Could Change One Thing…
I would have used more interfacing in the jacket. I’ll know for next time I make a jacket like this where it needs to go in more. Mostly the edges where the coat buttons and I may need more sturdy interfacing for heavier fabrics. AND I wouldn’t make both buttons functioning. I don’t know what made me think that would be a good idea.

What I Liked the Most!
I got to cosplay with Penny! I got to wear a Harley costume again! And this was the first time making a coat where the lining matched up PERFECTLY. I guess I should make my own patterns more often.

Photos By Elemental, LJinto & a con Goer

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