Lady Gaga

Version: Fame Disco Triangle Dress
Series: N/A
Completed: October 2009
Convention Worn: Youmacon 2009

I wanted to make this specific Gaga outfit because I love what she does with line in this creation. I decided to make this dress as a surprise to my Lady Gaga loving fans. I hadn’t told them I was taking it to Youmacon.
I made it with wetlook spandex, hanger wire, stiff leather interfacing, that tacky silver circles glued on fabric stuff, and a strapless bra (I could re attach the bra if I wanted or add silicone straps like Gaga has already. I bought the eyelashes on sale at Walmart on Halloween! I was so excited to wear them.
Drew on the peace sign tattoo. Its upside down because Gaga stated, she wanted to be able to look at her wrist and remind herself of her inner peace so that the Fame wouldn’t get to much to hear head. I thought that was awesome so I draw it on when I dress as her.
The photoshoot seen here is with my friend Anna who owns in my hometown. She is a wonderful photographer who works with everything from families to SuicideGirls! I love her.

Photos by Jackson Street Photography

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