Lady Gaga

on: A mix of Lady Gaga’s more Simple Haus of Gaga Collection
Series: N/A
Completed: May 2009
Convention Worn: Anime Central 2009 & Otakon 2009

I made this outfit to dance in pure and simple. It’s not based off any specific outfit she has worn. I just wanted to look futuristic, wanted to look like Lady Gaga and have an outfit without pants to dance it. (Cause trust me, its ten times cooler!)
Originally I wanted to make a Shadowrun costume. Something future-esque. Then I saw some Gaga and thought to myself, if people can dress as J-Pop Stars and Daft Punk Tron outfits, well then I can dress like Lady Gaga. She’s like the female version of that kinda stuff.
Most of this outfit was pieced together from things I already owned. I already owned alot of red. Including the shoes, red rimmed sunglasses you see in some of the pictures, fishnets and red belt. The rest was from scrap fabric I had laying around the house. From there I tried to piece together certain things she had similar to what I had to work with. Red hood check. Not Vinyl, but Vinyl would match my shoes and belt. Long black gloves I already own. Check.
At first I bought my wig online and wasn’t extremely happy with it, however at Otakon 09 I bought a wonderful wig that is my new favorite wig and it works perfect. This costume is fun to wear because no one can tell its me, so the fact that my bum hangs out doesn’t mean crap. And two because so many people love the Gaga. Seriously. You go to any dance club in this and everyone just wants to dance with you. Which rocks, cause I love to dance.
I’m hoping in the future to make another Gaga Costume. But for now, this is the one I’m taking to go dancing in. See ya on the dance floor!

Photos by Zero, Deathcom & Lionel

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