on: Mix of Game Art and Concept Art
Series: Chrono Cross
Completed: May 2009
Convention Worn: Anime Central 2009

Someone said something about Chrono Cross and I was all about it. I was contacted on by a fellow Chrono Cross lover and I looked at the list. At the time all the females were taken, so I didn’t really have a clue who I wanted to be. Then I saw Neofio and well, I feel in love all over again. Probably one of THE cutest characters in the game (next to Harle).
This was my first ‘mascot’ type of costume, and let me tell you, I totally have respect for people that make these costumes and run around in them. I hardly could breath, sweat poured in my eyes and you can hardly see. But I still really enjoyed myself. The shoot at ACen was smaller then we all thought, but turned out to be a totaly success. Everyone looked so pressed and perfected. Real fans of the game! I was so excited and delighted to be apart of it all.
I hand painted every petal using very stiff interfacing called “Stiff Stuff.” It acted as a canvas so that I could paint two shades of pink and blend them. I am REALLY happy with the petals. The center of the flower was a nerf ball. The head was shaped with cushion foam and then cotton was steamed over it and everthing was attached. My mask was made from paper clay using the same techniques as Mommy Fortuna’s mask. Sheer black fabric was used on the eyes so that I could see out of it, but no one could see in. I stole the flower petals from a fake plant at my local university. Shhhs, don’t tell them :P
The jumper was patterened by my friend Missy and I helped and learned a bit about the measurements and how to do it all. We used wrapping paper to draft the outfit. Awesome idea given to me by Missy. I was going to buy green tights, but with the leggings I could actually stand in water, much like Neofio and not get my costume wet. The broach was made from model magic and some paint love.

Photos By Elemental and Zero

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