Version: Black Leotard
Series: Blade Runner
Completed: July 2010
Convention Worn: Anime Expo 2010, GenCon 2010, Kollision Con 2010 & Dragon*Con 2011

This costume was about a year in the making. I wanted to make it for Otakon last year, but never got the chance to finish it the way I wanted.I learned alot about fabrics from this costume because I went through like 4 different fabrics for each piece before I settled on the one I wanted.The top is detachable from the bottom and is made with a polyblend 2 way stretch fabric blend. It wasn’t labeled, so I’m not sure of what it is exactly. The top was made with a netting fabric I got on sale! Wooo! The necklace was bought at a thrift shop and altered to fit. The fabric for the leggings was also bought there. The stockings I bought off Ebay and the wig is a Jareth Wig from I used photos of the costume at the museum where the costume is now located. You can find the photo online. Thanks to Harl for the shorts pattern.

Photos By EBK, PopeCerebus and Elemental

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