This section is for the progress shots of my costumes. I love to keep track of the process because it reminds me of the work I did to make the outcome. If you would like to watch my progress more closely, I normally post progress shots on my Tumblr located here.

Dahlia Mason : Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Just before it it fully finished. Its missing some little details, like the studs on the belt and the length of the chain necklaces. Also, I layered the wig a bit and styled it a bit as well. Its such a messy style, I was planning on styling it more when I put on the costume for cons.
I’ve found that as I continue to better my sewing skills that I really love hand sewing detailed work and I really enjoy gloves. The bracelets are made from trim because it looked almost exactly like the game screencap bracelets. The studded cuff is from my ‘punk rock’ phase in high school
Put some plastic bags on my dress form so that I could paint on the color without ruining my body. The fabric really allows the fabric paint to leak through, so I am glad I did that. This is 4 different colors.
After about 3 shirts being cut out and altered on the dress form I was finally happy with how this shirt layed.
Went through a few different fabrics to find what I wanted to make the shirt that would also take fabric paint to make the paint splatter detail she has on her shirt.