Robbie the Rabbit

on: Bunny Girl (Original Design)
Series: Silent Hill 3 & 4
Completed: January 2009
Convention Worn: Pokettokon 2009, Ohayocon 2009, ACen 2009, Youmacon 2009 & Anime Iowa 2010

I made this costume for a friend because he likes cute costumes. Since I can’t really make a ‘cute’ costume I came up with this idea to make a bunny girl version of Robbie because then I could make it kinda cute, but at the same time messed up. (Like I like my costumes to be)
The Jumper is the first thing I’ve ever drafted. I wanted to start off small. I used Taeliac’s tutorial on DA to make the circle skirt and I really liked how it came out. The ears are ones I purchased from Limebarb that are normally a shiny vinyl red, but I made a cover for. The gloves and shoes came from random tutorials I found online for slippers and mittens. The blood is acrylic paint.

Photos by Deathcom

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