Version: Tomomi Kodayashi Concept Art
SaGa Frontier
October 2009
Convention Worn:
Youmacon 09 and Ohayocon 2010

Yui and I love SaGa Frontier, especially its art and painted backgrounds. One day while bonding over this love we were going through the characters and we saw Doll and instantly thought of Jia. We showed it to her and urged her to do it as a costume. We all pitched in that we would do other SaGa Frontier costumes and thus a group was born.
Because I am still trying to brush up on my skills as a costume maker I didn’t choose my FAVORITE character first (Asellus), instead I went with an equally as cute character. I choose Rosemary based on the fact that I don’t normally do cute characters and because I had ALOT of pink my my scrap bin I needed to get rid of. I really loved this choice because I got to learn a great deal about costume making. This was the first time I’ve ever drastically styled a wig, made a petticoat or shoes covers. I also learned about dying fabrics, hemming sheer fabrics and make-up.
For the wig I used an older wig I used at one time for my Lady Gaga costume. I choose an older wig because I wanted to test out my styling skills before I went out and bought an expensive wig. I know now I can style relatively well… and because I hated hot thin this wig was in the back… I will be buying better wigs in the future. For the wig I used Tristen’s tutorial on making Antenna for a wig and used Got2B to tack the other hair around the curls because I wanted to cover up the wire as much as possible. If I make a wig similar in the future I shall make a tutorial. I also dyed the ends with FW Pink Ink; however it was metallic and I believe this is why the color had a hard time staying in very well. You can barely see it.
For the flower on her shirt, I wanted to make sure it looked water colored because I wanted essence of the original drawing to be in the outfit. If I had the money I would have taken white and sheer white fabric and dyed all of it to look like a water colored painting. I used Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow Fabric dye in order to make the flower and I zigzag stitched it to the shirt. I made the sheer skirt (which I realize is not accurate, but that’s the fabric I had! T_T) and the petticoat to go under it. The petticoat under it used purple and pink tulle so that if was seen under the fabric or under the skirt, it would match the skem of the outfit. I also dyed the stockings at the knees.
The sock garders were made out of parts I scrapped from old suspenders. I had to use sharpie to color the elastic (The only part of the costume I felt cheap doing). I made the socks out of fleece because I was gonna be wearing this costume in cold weather. I am REALLY proud of my shoe covers. Originally the shoe had been a low-top canvas shoe . But I made it a high top and I made it pink. I used canvas and I even made the lining on the inside have the same fabric as my headband. I had to seem rip those suckers and start over probably 7 times in total. But it was worth it. They looked fantastic.
As a kicker, Sae didn’t tell me she was making a Thyme costume. So I literally came down for the shoot without knowing anything and freaked out when I walked up and realized what she had made! OMG! It was such a pleasant surprise.

Photos by Elemental

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