Version: Cartoon… just a bit older :P
Series: Dungeons and Dragons the Animated Cartoon
Completed: July 2008
Convention Worn: GenCon 2008

This costume was easy to come upon. My Presto looked exactly like Presto AND we were going to a tabletop gaming con AND he writes for Paizo/Werecabbages, which write DnD supplements. Just the perfect combination.
I originally decided this project was for those reasons but used the costumes to practice my sewing skills. It had been 4 years since I made a costume for another person, so I was working with that. I also wanted to learn how to make a cape, work a bit more with Model Magic and how to make thigh high boots. (Cape and boots so that I make them wonderful for my Dark Althena costume) I learned alot from the experience and I am very happy with the costumes.
The cape’s clasp is Model Magic glued onto buttons. The pink dress is a knit that was given to me for free, as was the fabric for the belt. The boots were made from suede and was the only fabric I purchased for the costume. The boots bottoms were slippers that I cut the bottom off of and sewed the boots to. The wig was bought from a local costume shop.

Photos by Elemental & Corey Stanley

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