Yukari Hayasaka

Version: School Uniform
Series: Paradise Kiss
Completed: April 2008
Convention Worn: Anime Central 2008 & Bishie Con 2009

I’m a big fan of Paradise Kiss. Following students who get to be creative and use all their personal and school time to work at their craft REALLY appealed to me at the time I made this costume because its what I wanted to do. And its funny to me to see how I’ve grown today, when I had such a passion to get into this hobby back when I made this costume.
I wanted to do the school girl outfit because at the time it hadn’t been done yet and because I thought Yukari was the cutest little naive high school girl in this costume. I couldn’t find the fabric I wanted anywhere. I wanted the plaid, but I wanted it to be a bit green so that it would match the end credits outfit she wears. (Gotta love that dance!) I finally found an XXL woman’s skirt at a thrift story and cut it to shreads to make the outfit. The inside isn’t lined at all; I wasn’t the best seamstress at the time. Because there wasn’t enough fabric, I put fake buttons on the vest and used hook and eyes to button the front. The bow is made with some stiff interfacing and had a safety pin sew to the back to clip it onto the shirt. The wig was bought from a local costume shop and promptly thrown away after the convention! Sock & Shirt were bought and the shoes were borrowed.

Photos by KoriStarFire

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