Zombie Family MakeUp

Zombie Family In Alley

For their family portrait , this family zombie loving family decided their Christmas Cards would feature brain-eating 3 years olds and some dark, but cheery (?) atmospheres! What an awesome family. While working with them I found out that the Dad has been watching Zombie with most the kids since they were REALLY little and for fun he’ll chase them around the house as a zombie!

Working with this family and Jackson Street Photography was a blast. The kids were more patient then I thought they would be, but really got into the make up and we patient enough to ask for fixes, give tips and let me put fake blood on them. The applications were really simple since waiting for latex to dry (Plus pulling if off) is no task a child is willing to do. All make-up was Ben Nye stage make-up and the wounds added to the parents was Elmer’s Glue.

August 30th 2009