MaskMask Making

A tutorial on how I made my Mommy Fortuna mask, and how you to can make a durable and detailed mask of you own. This tutorial uses paper clay. Other mask making tutorials without using paper clay to come.

NurseTutorialNurse Dress

This tutorial is an overview of how I made my Demon Nurse dress and tips on how you to can make your dress look like it walked right out of the game! This tutorial does not involve latex and is more geared towards people whom want to look like the video game version of the nurses. (No Bubblehead Nurse Mask Tutorial Here)

HulaHoopSkirtTutorialHula Hoop Skirt

Need a hoop skirt? Don’t want to pay the cost of shipping, or need it sooner then the days it requires to ship? No sweat, this tutorial can help you make a very simple hoop skirt with one hula hoop and things commonly found around your house. My skirt costed me 5$! Plus links to other tutorials to help you make a few different kinds of hoop skirts.